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Information of stadium seats

Please enter from the gate written on the ticket.
It is prepared the guidance sign to seat at the stadium on the match day. Please ask guiding staff if you have any questions.

Click the gate written on your ticket, you can see details.

gate S1 gate S2 gate S3 gate S4 gate W1 gate W2 gate W3 gate W4 gate E1 gate E2 gate E3 gate E4 gate N1 gate N2 gate N3 gate N4 gate N5 gate N6 gate N7 gate N8 gate N9 gate N10 gate N11 gate N12 gate N13

Emergency evacuation uring a tsunami

In the case of a tsunami warning alert, ill guide visitors to their designated evacuation site.
Please follow instructions from staff and evacu-ate calmly through the West Entrance if you are in the Yellow Stands (main stand centre and east side & side stand west side) or through the Main Entrance if you are in the Red Stands (main stand east side, side stand east side & back stand).