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Attention for watching the game. Please read it.

Entrance and security

We will be carrying out hand baggage and body checks on the match days. Additionally, we expect that the surrounding area will be heavily congested with the large number of spectators arriving. We ask that you please allow enough time to arrive at the stadium early (in certain situations it may take more than 60 minutes to enter the stadium.)

Aside from service dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and seeing-eye dogs, we will refuse entry to those accompanied by a pet.


You may not be guaranteed entry to the stadium if you have purchased your ticket(s) from a third party instead of the official website. We suggest that ticket holders who are no longer able to attend the match should protect the condition of their tickets, and make use of a public resale service, that can also facilitate delivery, to sell their tickets for the original retail price.

Re-entry to the venue will not be allowed. Please be aware that if you leave the venue even once, you will not be allowed re-entry, no matter the circumstances.

Prohibited items

Below follows a list of items that will not be permitted on the match days;

All forms of weaponry, drink (including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.), cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, flasks, long umbrellas, large hand baggage, selfie sticks, tripods, monopods and other video camera related equipment, drones, flares, transmitting devices (transceivers, wireless microphones, Wi-Fi routers and other radio wave emitting equipment) etc.

Although drink from outside the venue will not be permitted, upon testing, we will allow consumables for medical treatment and health preservation purposes into the venue. If possible, we ask that you use a clear plastic container for these consumables. Furthermore, for the sake of hazard prevention, metal and glass containers will not be permitted.

It is now possible to bring in enough food to be consumed by individuals.


Most of the seats at the stadium will be outdoors; therefore, it is best to carry a rain coat or an umbrella in case of an unexpected rain. It is also good to wear or bring a coat or jacket for any temperature changes. The weather in the coastal areas can change suddenly, therefore, it is recommended to be prepared when watching the game at the stadium.


The will be no parking lots available within the vicinity of the stadium on the day of the match. Strict traffic regulations will be enforced near the stadium and in surrounding areas. Therefore, please avoid any pick-ups or drop-offs by family members or others within this area due to a high volume of traffic congestion.

For those who intend to drive a car, please park your car at the designated park-and-ride lots in the areas of Heita (in Kamaishi), Tono, and Otsuchi and take the shuttle bus that will operate from these parking lots.

*You can also take a coach bus from Morioka Station and major stations across the prefecture or a shuttle bus from the Fan Zone area at the Kamaishi Civic Hall and other areas in Kamaishi to the stadium. Advanced reservation is required to use either the shuttle bus or the coach bus.

【Please make your reservation at the website below↓】

Emergency Evacuation During an Imminent Tsunami

In the case of a tsunami warning alert, ill guide visitors to their designated evacuation site. Please follow instructions from staff and evacu-ate calmly through the West Entrance if you are in the Yellow Stands (main stand centre and east side & side stand west side) or through the Main Entrance if you are in the Red Stands (main stand east side, side stand east side & back stand).

Please be careful of sudden weather changes!

Avoid getting heat stroke by staying hydrated, ensuring salt intake, and wearing a hat. Carry an umbrella to prepare for any sudden rain.

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