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informationRugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Tournament Information

Kamaishi Match Schedule

Visiting Team Info


◎Participation: 8 tournaments, 6th consecutive
◎World Ranking: 8th place (as of Jan 7, 2019)
◎Population: 890,000
◎Nickname: Flying Fijians
◎RWC Record: '87, '07 best 8; '99 quarterfinalists (best 11)
◎Previous Record: Pool game loss (1 win, 3 losses)
◎Pool Game Schedule: Sept 21 v Australia (Sapporo), Sept 25 v Uruguay (Kamaishi), Oct 3 v Georgia (Hanazono), Oct 9 v Wales (Oita)
◎Team Characteristics:
・2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, first ever Rugby Sevens champions
・Toying with opponents through pass-work and running


◎Participation: 4 tournaments, 2nd consecutive
◎World Ranking: 17th place (as of Jan 7, 2019)
◎Population: 3,490,000
◎Nickname: Los Teros
◎RWC Record: 3 tournament pool game losses, 2 wins total
◎Previous Record: Pool game loss (4 losses)
◎Pool Game Schedule: Sept 25 v Fiji (Kamaishi), Sept 29 v Georgia (Kumagaya), Oct 5 v Australia (Oita), Oct 13 v Wales (Kumamoto)
◎Team Characteristics:
・Traditionally strong forwards, especially strong scrum
・Orthodox style, using forwards as key assets


◎Participation: 6 tournaments, 6th consecutive
◎World Ranking: 22nd place (as of Jan 7, 2019)
◎Population: 2,370,000
◎Nickname: Welwitschias
◎RWC Record: 5th consecutive pool loss, 19 consecutive losses
◎Previous Record: Pool game loss (4 losses)
◎Pool Game Schedule: Sept 22 v Italy (Hanazono), Sept 28 v South Africa (Toyota), Oct 6 v New Zealand (Tokyo), Oct 13 v Canada (Kamaishi)
◎Team Characteristics:
・Distinct game twists and plays with tenacious fighting spirit
・Possess backs with running power


◎Participation: 9 tournaments, 9th consecutive
◎World Ranking: 20th place (as of Jan 7, 2019)
◎Population: 36,660,000
◎Nickname: Maple Leafs
◎RWC Record: '91 best 8, transfer 6 consecutive pool losses
◎Previous Record: Pool game loss (4 losses)
◎Pool Game Schedule: Sept 26 v Italy (Fukuoka), Oct 2 v New Zealand (Oita), Oct 8 v South Africa (Kobe), Oct 13 v Namibia (Kamaishi)
◎Team Characteristics:
・Orthodox style breaching opposition with kicks, focusing on Forwards
・Physically strong, oriented towards running in recent years

Kamaishi Game Day Access

Please understand the following transportation guidelines when traveling to the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium on the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kamaishi game day. (return bus via the same route is also available)
Further details, prices, and reservation applications regarding transportation will be posted after April, 2019.

It is not allowed to drive a car or charter bus onto Kamaishi Unosumai Recovery Memorial Stadium on the match day.


The station nearest to the stadium is the Sanriku Railway Rias Line, Unosumai Station.
For those using the JR Kamaishi Line, you will need to transfer at JR Kamaishi Station.
(JR Kamaishi Station → Sanriku Railway Kamaishi Station → Sanriku Railway Unosumai Station)
Game day travel timetables are currently being adjusted with railway operators, and will be announced as soon as possible.

(Note) Depending on the number of people, you might not be able to board your desired train.

【Liner Bus】

Liner buses headed directly to the stadium from Iwate Hanamaki Airport, Morioka Station, Shin Hanamaki Station, etc., will be in operation (reservation required, fee charged)

【Parking & Ride Lot】

A parking & bus ride lot will be set up for those parking private vehicles in Otsuchi, Tono, and the Heita District of Kamaishi, and transferring to a bus headed to the stadium. (reservation required, fee charged)
A shuttle bus between the Parking & Bus Ride Lot and the stadium is available.

【Shuttle Bus】

A shuttle bus from central Kamaishi to the stadium will be in operation (reservation required, fee charged)

Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium

【Stadium Establishment Overview】

◎Capacity: 6,000 permanent seats (approx. 16,000 seats during RWC2019)
◎Grounds Establishment: Main Grounds (hybrid natural turf)
approx. 11,000㎡ (approx. 130m x 80m)
◎Sub Grounds: approx. 10,000㎡ (approx. 120m x 78m)
◎Plaza: Site Area approx. 90,000㎡
◎(Permanent)Outdoor Restrooms:45stalls
◎Future Temporary Facilities Overview
・ Temporary Stands: approx. 10,000 seats (scheduled for June 2019 completion)
・ Temporary Restrooms: approx. 240 stalls
・ Large Video Screens: 2 (519in)
・ Field Lighting: 4 large vehicles
・ Room Establishment: Various unit houses, tents, etc.

◎Parking Lot: There will not be parking around the stadium for game day visitors.

【Establishing a Stadium Built on the Dreams, Hopes, and Courage of the Citizens】

Kamaishi applied to be a host city for the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan Tournament (the first time for the Cup to be held in Asia), as a symbol of its reconstruction efforts, and to provide the next generation of children with hope, dreams and courage; and was successfully selected as a host city in March of 2015. Among 12 host cities throughout the country, Kamaishi, which previously had no stadium venue, constructed the new Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium in aiming for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, based on the following goals.

①Eliminate the shortage of sports facilities in the affected Sanriku areas, and provide a place for prefectural citizens to gather and enjoy sports.
②Provide a place for various events (music, art, international exchange, etc.), as well as international and domestic sports competitions.
③Design a health and fitness facility that can be effectively utilized for medical welfare purposes.
④To convey the memory of the earthquake disaster, as well as disaster prevention wisdom.
⑤To convey the Rugby Japan Championship V7 & RWC legacy (heritage)
⑥To construct the Kamaishi Field Museum. (learning about natural environment, history and culture through outdoor activities)

【The Stage of Dreams, a Symbol of Disaster Prevention】

Kamaishi Higashi Junior High School & Kamaishi Unosumai Elementary School Sites
The symbolic location where over 600 elementary and junior high school students fled together

The evacuation of children, including those of the Unosumai Elementary and Higashi Junior High, in which they held hands and fled together during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, was widely recognized throughout the world.
The Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, which was built at the site of an elementary and junior high school, conveys the memories of the earthquake disaster, as well as Kamaishi's way of thinking towards disaster prevention.

【Stadium Characteristics】

◎Spreading wings after the earthquake, a new voyage

The roofing over the main stands was constructed to reflect bird feathers and ship sails, in expression of the spreading wings and new voyage of a new start aimed at reconstruction.
※Roof curtain is ~67m at longest part

◎A stadium to feel the natural atmosphere of Kamaishi

Utilizing trees (over 800 cedars) damaged during the Ozaki Peninsula forest fire in Kamaishi in May of 2017; 4,990 wooden seats, 108 benches, 2 restrooms, and sunblinds have been installed, offering hospitality to visitors from around the world among Kamaishi's unique nature-rich atmosphere.

◎A stadium to form bonds with people from other regions

Along with the establishment of the stadium, 600 blue seats donated from Kitakami (from the former National Stadium), Kumamoto Prefecture, and the Tokyo Dome, have been installed along the front row of the main stands, and are considered "bond seats," used to widely express gratitude for the support received from so many towards the completion of the stadium.

◎Offering the best ground conditions

The main grounds feature excellent durability, shock absorption, and maintainability, and by adopting the use of improved soil type hybrid natural turf, it provides the ground conditions necessary for the world's best performance. ※Kamaishi is the first venue in Japan to install improved soil type hybrid natural turf.

Evacuation route map

Emergency evacuation uring a tsunami

In the case of a tsunami warning alert, ill guide visitors to their designated evacuation site.
Please follow instructions from staff and evacu-ate calmly through the West Entrance if you are in the Yellow Stands (main stand centre and east side & side stand west side) or through the Main Entrance if you are in the Red Stands (main stand east side, side stand east side & back stand).

Ticket Info

【Upcoming Ticket Sales Schedule】

◎Third General Tickets Sales Period (First Come First Served) has ended.

◎Fourth General Ticket Sales (First Come First Served)
  Sales period from 18:00 on Saturday, 10 August 2019 (JST)

For more information, please visit the official ticket sales site.

【Kamaishi Games Ticket Prices】

Category A: 10,000 yen
Category B: 7,000 yen
Category C: 4,000 yen (kids 2,000 yen)
Category D: 2,019 yen (kids 1,000 yen)

【Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium Seating Categories】

Fan Zone

The Fan Zone is an event area set up by each host city during the Rugby World Cup 2019 (RWC2019), which provides large-screen video broadcasting of matches for public viewing, rugby promotional activities, catering, promotional activities organized by RWC commercial partners, and more. It is scheduled to be held during the RWC2019 for 30 days at the TETTO Kamaishi Civic Hall in Kamaishi, Iwate. Details on guest and event content to be announced here once finalized, so stay tuned!

Kamaishi, Iwate Fan Zone Venue

◎Venue: TETTO Kamaishi Civic Hall
◎Date: During RWC2019
(for 30 days, Sept 20 – Nov 2, 2019)
◎Guest & Event Content
Scheduled for release around May 2019

Public Viewing

In order to allow everyone throughout Iwate to be able to enjoy the RWC2019™ Japan Games, the matches held at Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, as well as Japan team matches, etc., will be available for public viewing throughout the prefecture. As soon as dates and venues are determined, they will be announced!


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