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Hospitality Initiatives Toward Those from Abroad

Since many people from overseas are expected to visit Iwate during the games, the Rugby World Cup 2019 Kamaishi Executive Committee has produced 35 " Kamaishi, Iwate Rugby – 10 Ways, Unique Icons" to be widely used among the general public, starting with Kamaishi, Iwate, and businesses throughout the prefecture.
Feel free to download and use them.

◎ Unique Icon Overview

● 35 rugby version icons, made with supervision by Ryusuke Murao, who created the "10 Ways to Make Travelers Happy" hospitality guide towards visitors from overseas. (including thanks for support towards the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster)
●Just like the “10 Ways for Iwate Unique Icons” published in 2016, they make use of a unique design based around samurai, to convey content at a glance.
●Businesses and the general public are downloading the necessary designs, and preparing to use them at their shops, etc.