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Access to Kamaishi, Iwate


Departure Point Time Arrival Point
New Chitose Airport (Sapporo) ~1hr Iwate Hanamaki Airport
Nagoya Airport (Nagoya) ~1hr 10min
Itami Airport (Osaka) ~1hr 25min
Fukuoka Airport (Fukuoka) ~2hr

【Tohoku Shinkansen】

Departure Point Time Arrival Point
Tokyo Station ~2hr 30min Shin Hanamaki Station
Sendai Station ~1hr
Shin Aomori Station
(transfer at Morioka Station)
~1hr 30min

【Conventional Train Lines】

◉Kamaishi Line
Departure Point Time Arrival Point
Shin Hanamaki Station ~1hr 34min Kamaishi Station
◉Sanriku Railway Rias Line
Departure Point Time Arrival Point
Sakari Station (Ofunato) ~50min Kamaishi Station
Miyako Station ~1hr 25min


Departure Point Time Arrival Point
Sendai ~3hr Kamaishi
Aomori ~3hr 43min
Akita ~3hr 13min
Morioka ~1hr 54min
Hanamaki ~1hr 23min
Kitakami ~1hr 22min
Oshu ~1hr 38min
Ichinoseki ~2hr
Miyako ~50min
Ofunato ~42min

※All as of the end of March, 2019. Times are estimated, so please allow for extra time when traveling.

Kamaishi Game Day Access

Please understand the following transportation guidelines when traveling to the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium on the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Kamaishi game day. (return bus via the same route is also available)
Further details, prices, and reservation applications regarding transportation will be posted after April, 2019.

! Caution !
There will not be parking around the stadium for all game day visitors.
In order to avoid traffic congestion around the stadium, please refrain from dropping off and picking people up, etc.


The station nearest to the stadium is the Sanriku Railway Rias Line, Unosumai Station.
For those using the JR Kamaishi Line, you will need to transfer at JR Kamaishi Station.
(JR Kamaishi Station → Sanriku Railway Kamaishi Station → Sanriku Railway Unosumai Station)
Game day travel timetables are currently being adjusted with railway operators, and will be announced as soon as possible.

(Note) Depending on the number of people, you might not be able to board your desired train.

【Liner Bus】

Liner buses heading directly to the stadium from prefectural base stations will be in operation (reservation required, fee charged)
Morioka Station, Iwate Hanamaki Airport, Shin Hanamaki Station, Kitakami Station, Mizusawa Esashi Station, Ichinoseki Station, Miyako Station, and Sakari Station are being considered for departure points, which will be announced upon finalized decision.

【Parking & Bus Ride Lot】

A parking & bus ride lot will be set up for those parking private vehicles in Otsuchi, Tono, and the Heita District of Kamaishi, and transferring to a bus headed to the stadium. (reservation required, fee charged)
A shuttle bus between the Parking & Bus Ride Lot and the stadium is available.

【Shuttle Bus】

A shuttle bus from central Kamaishi to the stadium will be in operation (reservation required, fee charged)